Branding Study – Why DEFY?

10 June 2013 on Uncategorized by Dino Paul

A couple years back Dino Design was retained to help name, brand and design a cohesive image package for a new upstart athletic apparel company. In our meetings with the client we discussed all the factors that might distinguish this particular product from other competitors including the big guys in the business such as Nike and Under Armor. We knew that fabrics, fit and colors of the products were similar to all other market place competitors. The one unique factor was that it was made in the USA. Although this was a marketing factor we did not feel it was enough to build a marketing platform with. We decided we could challenge potential buyers to make a choice. A choice about going against the grain from other defining brands, a choice about peoples workouts, fitness and sport. We wanted a name that was simple, memorable and energetic. We came up with the name – DEFY.

The direction was about defying the odds, defying restrictions and all that holds you back from reaching your potential. We felt the name was intriguing enough to even challenge buyers to defy the brands they were so accustomed to. As we thought about the introduction of the name we asked ourselves the age old question, “why us and not them”? Bingo, Why Defy. This simple little question became the launching pad for our creative direction. The logo itself was designed with this in mind. The pedal design of the mark created a sense of movement, energy, performance, speed and innovation. The single red pedal combined with the custom, font featuring a lower case E, gave the logo distinction and edge. The subtle negative shape of the letter Y, playing off the last letter of the name DEFY, posed the question right in the mark itself, Why Defy.

A fun and interesting challenge we felt was well thought out. Included are a few samples of the visual branding materials, including logo, product identification, packaging and web design. Let Dino Design do the same creative work for you.



Defy_Shirt Short Work

Defy sock Work

Defy Underwear Pck Work

DEFYweb pg1

DEFYweb pg2

DEFYweb pg3

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